Weight Management & Blood Lipids
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Additional Tips

Additional Food/Diet Suggestions
· Avoid fried foods
· Eat smaller portions and avoid eating seconds
· Avoid adding a lot of butter or margarine to foods
· Use sauces, gravies, dressings, and sour cream in moderation
· Serve fruit instead of sweet desserts
· Avoid calorie-dense snacks such as potato chips, soda, candy
· Avoid snacking in the evening
· Do not put your child on a "diet" without working with your child's doctor or nutritionist. They can help set reasonable goals for your child to optimally manage his/her weight.
· When starting a plan for managing your child's weight, be sure to follow through. Losing a few pounds and putting it back right away can be harmful.
· When choosing a weight management program for your child, be sure that it allows for a gradual weight loss.
· For children under the age of 10, it may simply be best to let them "grow into their weight".
· If your child is working on choosing healthy foods for weight management, make sure that the whole family helps!
· Limit television watching to half an hour or less per day.
· Encourage your child to move around and play outdoors to increase the number of calories he/she burns.