Anatomía y Defectos
Anatomía y Defectos
Anatomy & Anomalies
Congenitas del Adulto
Congenitas del Adulto
Adult Congenital
Lista de Topicos

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This site was developed under the medical direction of
Allen D. Everett, MD

Español Translations by
Dr. Jorge Faerron, MD and Dr. Carlos Mas, MD
of the Hospital Nacional de Niños, Costa Rica

Edited by Dr. Franscesca Miquel-Verges, MD
Assistant Professor Department of Pediatrics,
Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Tests & Surgeries
Salud y Nutrición
Salud y Nutrición
Health & Nutrition

Resources for Medical Professionals
Illustrated Field Guide to Congenital Heart Disease and Repair
and the Illustrated Field Guide to ADULT Congenital Heart Disease
"I would strongly recommend this very useful book to all cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, medical students, and nurses dealing with cardiac surgery and congenital heart disease."
-- Warren Guntheroth, MD Univ. of Washington School of Medicine

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